Joining Caer in a conversation on Daoism is Norman Girardot, University
Distinguished Professor in Religion Studies at Lehigh University in
Bethlehem, PA. His special research areas include Chinese religious
tradition, especially Daoism, popular religious movements, the rise of the
discipline known as “comparative religions,” and the relation of religion
and outsider or visionary art.

He is the award winning author of The Victorian Translation of China; Daoism and Ecology; and Myth and Meaning in Early Daoism: The Theme of Hundun.

Topics in this engaging hour include: Girardot’s course on Jesus, Buddha, Mao, and… Elvis; the First Church of Elvis the Divine; humor; where religions come from; creation from a Daoist perspective; the Three Pure Ones; the Triune God in Christianity, or the Holy Trinity; yin and yang; when Daoism emerged; Lao Tzu; the Dao Te Ching; the word Dao translated as "way" or "path”; how Daoism is practiced; Daoist views on ecology; the growth of evangelical Christianity in China; philosophical and religious Daoism; the unity of spirit and matter; humility; Caer’s Tip for your Spiritual Toolbelt that you wrap around yourself each day; and more.

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