If you visit the organization SUMMUM in Salt Lake City, Utah, you can find a modern day pyramid built as a sacred meditation sanctuary. You can also enter the journey of the SUMMUM philosophy, and, if you like, make arrangements for your mummification. SUMMUM is a spiritual center founded on principles that guided the civilizations of ancient Egypt, among others. They have been featured in educational television programs such as National Geographic Explorer, the BBC's "The Face of Tutankhamun," and The
Quest on The Learning Channel. Su Menu is president of SUMMUM and talks to Caer Hallundbaek today about its history, purpose and gifts.
Topics in this hour include: how SUMMUM came into being; what issues it seeks to address; the Summum Philosophy and where it came from; why Su was drawn to them; the Seven Summum Principles; The Divine Proportion; the building of the pyramid in Utah and how is it utilized; the recent discovery of many pyramids in China, and around the world; the rite of mummification; death and the spirit in SUMMUM philosophy; how this perspective of death related to other faiths; The Tibetan Book of the Dead; the purpose of mummification; Caer’s reflection on death; and much more.
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