Join Caer Hallundbaek in an engaging hour with Lisa V. Blake, Executive Director of the Siddhartha School Project - an educational wonder in Ladakh, India founded by Tibetan Monk and educator, Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan.

Find out why the school was founded, learn about Buddhist principles and Khen Rinpoche's journey, and see how our efforts are interconnected, even as we are on opposite sides of the world.

What started in a one-room shed is now an exemplary school with over 300 students in grades K through 10. The Siddhartha School gives the children of Ladakh access to the highest-quality, thoroughly modern education in the region, while also honoring their life-ways and traditions in the curriculum and school activities. From her offices in Freeport, Maine, Lisa organizes efforts to support the Siddhartha School in India.

Topics in this hour include: Lisa's experience as a Catholic woman drawn to Buddhism; the journey of Khen Rinpoche; why he founded the school; the education the school provides; how it supports the Dalai Lama's interest in modern science and technology, while still retaining the traditional and sustainable wisdom; building bridges across cultures; Buddhist philosophy and practice; meditation; karma - individual and collective; compassion; Caer's Tip for your Spiritual Toolbelt; and more.

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