Caer Hallundbaek speaks with Gloria Crook, the Founding President of The School of Ageless Wisdom. For thirty-five years, a core group of fifteen people has worked together teaching and applying Ageless Wisdom, and hundreds of students have passed through their doors to learn and live out the wisdom in their communities.


Topics in this hour include: Gloria, now 85, shares her early experience of faith; how her discovery of reincarnation transformed her understanding of life; her career as an engineer in the 1940s; what led Gloria her to found the School of Ageless Wisdom in 1977; how it is a non-profit organization that operates both as a school and a church; how the school accepts the Buddha and the Christ as “two great Spiritual Brothers who have had an effect on all of humanity”; yoga; meditation; a life of service; the Age of Aquarius – what it means, and its significance; the eye-opening World Core Curriculum, developed by Robert Muller, a Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations; how the school successfully implemented the World Core Curriculum; their ongoing Model United Nations for Elementary and Middle School students; advice to young people today, from her legacy of experience; and more.

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