Rick Hayes is a published author, inspirational speaker, the founder of LifesGift, Inc., and what many define as a world renowned psychic medium. Since 2003, he has brought inspiration and life-changing insight to thousands of people through personal consultations, media appearances, and speaking engagements. But first he had to own his gifts and allow his authentic life to take shape. His books and audio files include Stepping Stones: Thoughts Along Life's Path, which shares insight on topics including reincarnation, trials in life, and proof of life after death; several books on the paranormal and reasons for hauntings; and Your New Life Attitude, in which he shares the one thing you can do that will change your entire day, how to grab your stars in life, what to do about negative feelings, and more. Topics in this hour include: Rick’s corporate life before he began his practice in 2003; how he was raised in the church as a child; how he came to learn he had psychic abilities at around age 4; how his career path evolved; death, or what he calls ‘moving on’; how he helps many people; reincarnation; discerning whether a home has a lingering spirit or energy; the energies of places including Harper’s Ferry / Gettysburg; sacred places; how his faith and psychic gifts are reconciled; love and compassion; his advice for us; and much more.

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