The death of a loved one can have such a profound effect on one’s perception of life on earth as we know it. Death can make us question the reason for our existence, why we are here, what is our purpose and why on earth do we live only to die?

In 2007, filmmaker and editor Michael Habernig endured a large number of deaths family members, friends and pets in a short period of time. These events sent him on a journey to study and investigate what happens to people after they die.

Michael began to explore the concept of life after death through renowned authors like Wayne Dyer, Fred Alan Wolf and Gregg Braden. By “accident” he stumbled upon interviews with Albert Taylor, William Buhlman and Thomas Campbell.  He began searches on Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences, leading him to remote viewing, multiple dimensions and past life regressions.  Through the work of Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, Michael entered the realm of spirit guides, angels and healing.

He decided to share what he learned by producing a film about death and reincarnation. He reached out to April Hannah, a holistic healer with a counseling practice first as an interviewee. But she became a producer and the two have created a series of films, The Path Trilogy – to help others understand these transitions. Michael and April join Caer for an intimate conversation.

Caer concludes the program with her "Tip for Your Spiritual Tool Belt," a reflection on Teresa of Avila's breakthrough around co-dependent relationships, from her upcoming book Inspired Relationships.

For more information, visit the Godspeed Institute.

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