Caer Hallundbaek speaks with Reverend Dr. Leland Witting, Pastor of the Union Street Brick Church in Bangor, Maine and Staff Chaplain at Eastern Maine Medical Center. He holds a doctorate in Near Death Studies from Bangor Theological Seminary and is a board member of the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Founded in 1978, it was the first organization in the world devoted to the study of near-death and similar experiences and their relationship to human consciousness. Topics in this hour include: what a near death experience (NDE) is; Witting's own experience of an NDE at age 8; who coined the term near death experience in the 1970s and its prevalence in culture and films; the 4 phases of NDE - disassociation, naturalistic/supernatural perception, life review, return; distressing NDEs; some aftereffects of NDE; how his affects his service as a hospital chaplain; stories of NDEs – accounts that he has found particularly striking; why is it important to study NDEs; its unifying impact on religious communities; the material and the spiritual; how today's crises, including the Occupy Wall Street movement, is a result of a deep-seated desire for a change in values that are spiritual at their core; and more.

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