Passover is the Festival of Freedom in the Jewish community worldwide. Perhaps more than any other holiday, it symbolizes what it means to be Jewish: family, food, and fun coupled with an obligation to pass on the story to future generations. Caer Hallundbaek speaks with Nancy Rips, author of the book Seder Stories: Passover Thoughts on Food, Family, and Freedom, a book that contains the memories of childhood Seders from 101 Jewish people in the United States. Topics in this hour include: some storytelling - what Passover is; the tradition that developed around Passover; the components of the Seder; some of Nancy's own memories of Passover; what inspired her to gather these stories as a book; some favorite excerpts by Rabbi Harold Kushner, Jerry Stiller and others; the common experience of the need of freedom across cultures; the experience of celebration at home; why it is important to recall and retell the stories; and the FOOD!

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