Sufi Talks: Teachings of an American Sufi Sheikh, with Robert Frager Ph.D.


Caer Hallundbaek welcomes Robert Frager, Ph.D., founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA, where he is currently Professor of Psychology and Director of the Spiritual Guidance Masters Program.

Dr. Frager is a Sufi teacher in the Halveti-Jerrahi Sufi Order, an international order based in Istanbul, Turkey. He is president of the Jerrahi Order of California and has been a Sufi spiritual guide for over 25 years. Additionally he received a 7th degree black belt in Aikido and has been an instructor for over 45 years. His latest book is Sufi Talks: Teachings of an American Sufi Sheikh.

Topics in this engaging hour include: an event that touched Robert’s heart and changed his life; Sufi Talks – a collection of conversations about spiritual topics, drawn from his weekly teachings; the Sufi order as an unbroken chain; apostolic succession; saints;  the opening of the heart; the heart as a temple and a mediator; the practice of chanting and energizing the heart; surrender to God; more about his upcoming book; restoring character; ‘waking before we die’; Aikido; and more.

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