Caer Hallundbaek speaks with Susan Bakaley Marshall & Chris Marshall, founders and directors of The Thirteenth Moon Center, located on 35 acres of fields and forest in Montville, Maine. Members of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Chris is a professor of anthropology and Susan is a certified art therapist, counselor and shamanic healing practitioner. Their shamanic healing work and courses include a deep commitment to the sacredness of the land and the spirits of place and weather, in the traditions of shamanism, mindful contemplative practices, and Kabbalah. Topics in this hour include: What Shamanism is; it s ancient and cross-cultural history; the role of the shaman; the common core beliefs and practices that run in all shamanic traditions; ‘seeing’ and ‘knowing’; the ancestors; our relationship with spirit teachers and animals for receiving guidance and healing; how the shamanic practitioner works; the Soul in shamanistic perspective and what can happen to it; the effects on the soul from trauma, abuse, PTSD; Intrusions and Extraction; Soul Retrieval; and much more.

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