Quakers: The Light Within, with Barry Crossno


There are many great quotes out there, by Quakers and about Quakers, by people from Harriet Tubman to Woody Allen – but this is one that caught my attention this week: “A good End cannot sanctify evil Means; nor must we ever do Evil, that Good may come of it” – this by William Penn, Quaker leader and founder of the state of Pennsylvania.

Today Caer discusses Quaker beliefs and practices with Barry Crossno, General Secretary of Friends General Conference, exploring the Quaker’s spiritual core – the Light Within – which can offer an experience of faith, and worship, without rituals, clergy or other church structures.

Topics in this hour include: Friends General Conference; how he learned of Quakers at age 21; how like many Friends, he came into Quaker practice feeling “wounded by traditional ”; his experience of Buddhism; Barry’s blog “The Quaker Dharma”; Quaker history; rejecting the hierarchy and rituals of existing churches, and challenging all people to encounter God directly; , ‘cleaned and polished down to its very essence’; the subordinate role of scriptures, church authority, tradition, reason, and formal religious education; dispensing with ‘rites and ceremonies, ritualized sacraments, sacred books and buildings, creeds, clergy, and holy days’; “leadings,” or the spiritual call to action; FGC programs & services; interfaith relations and religious tolerance; Caer’s Tip for your ; and more.

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