Have you felt awed by the power of the ocean, found yourself gazing at the stars in wonder, or felt a sure sense of belonging while in nature? Do you find it difficult to imagine a divinity or spirituality somehow set apart from the power of nature and the universe? Then you may be a Pantheist.

Dr. Paul Harrison is the founder and president of the World Pantheist Movement and the award-winning writer of six books on the environment, population, development and agriculture. He is the author of ‘The Elements of Pantheism,’ which we will discuss at length today, described by critics as “one of the most extraordinary books written in recent years about the subject of religion."

Topics in this hour include: Harrison's journey toward Pantheism as a teen in England; what Pantheism is; the heart of Pantheism; the belief that God is the universe; love for the beauty of nature; theism and atheism; Christianity; sacred nature and reverence for the universe; mystery; acceptance of science; respect for human and animal rights; asceticism; unity; Pantheist ethics; controversies; beliefs around natural death, natural funerals, and the afterlife; the week's tip for your spiritual tool belt - St. Francis of Assisi and Steve Jobs; more.

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