An East Coast native, Mehuman Jonson is an award-winning singer, songwriter and guitarist. She is also a woman of faith with a lot on her mind… She cut her teeth on old time gospel spirituals, straight ahead jazz, country blues, and classic rock and roll. Establishing herself in the Detroit, Manhattan, Dublin, Cannes, Nashville, and Los Angeles music scenes, Mehuman has toured in the U.S. and Europe delivering a powerful and punchy mix of what she calls “folk hop for hip folk.”  She has performed and toured with artists from Nora Jones to Nona Hendrix; from Sheila E. to Rufus Wainwright. CNN Music has touted Mehuman to be “one of the top 10 burgeoning songwriters to watch.” Topics in this interview include: the role of Christian faith in her life, beginning in her childhood household; community; covenant; coming to faith in adulthood; faith as part of  her musical journey; her musical influences; songwriting; music as prayer; lost in a desert of grief; getting a contract with a major label and losing it all; her journey of healing; healing through art; her upcoming project at kickstarter.com; ‘Love Colored Glasses’; love and relationships; God, the perfecter of love; forgiveness; death and resurrection in relationships; Caer’s reflection on music and the divine from Saints in Love; and much more.

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