Phil White Hawk is of Cherokee descent and is a singer/songwriter and educator of American Indian culture. He has written over 350 songs, three dramatic musicals, and a compilation of
essays on social anthropology called “Circling the Square.”

He and his wife, artist Connie Bellet, toured for nearly 30 years across 
the U.S., Canada, and Europe with a live multi-media concert of original
songs and artwork dealing with the cultural history and heritage of North
America — from a Native point of view. Their inspirational performances
 elicited well over 800 standing ovations from audiences of all ages.


Topics in this hour include: Phil's childhood following his mother, an
Indian Public Health Service nurse, in helping western tribes; the company
 of the Elders along the way, who confided their knowledge to him; the
principles of Native spirituality; the balance of nature and men; a single
Creator known by many names, including Grandfather/Grandmother and Great
Mystery; culture and media; courage, loyalty and generosity; ceremonies,
including the Ceremony of Life for youth; the Medicine Wheel in Wyoming;
how Medicine Wheel philosophy is a discipline that seeks to balance our
emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual strengths, and consequently our
relationships with all our relations; how the Medicine Wheel spins through
time, or through generations; Black Elk; and much more.

This program includes Phil's song "The Messenger." For more information

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