Frank Huguenard earned his degree in Computer Science from Purdue University and spent 30 years in high tech in Silicon Valley. About ten years ago he experienced personal losses so deep it cost him his job, his home, and his relationships.This experience of grief sent him on a journey of spiritual discovery that would transform his life, with the help of the Art of Living meditation. For the past several years, he has been Executive Director of a non-profit organization that he founded, Bountiful Garden Foundation -- and he has become a filmmaker. Topics in this hour include: Huguenard's experiences of personal loss; the role of western psychology and treatment, or "managed misery"; why people suffer; the similarities between computers and human beings; how, like computers, humans can be corrupted -- at cellular, spiritual and mental levels; how maintaining a healthy human consciousness requires the same level of attention to system maintenance; the practice of meditation and how it works; yoga, breathing, nutrition; the breaking of the thought/emotion/thought/emotion pattern; methods of meditation and resources; mantras and breath; how the practice crosses all denominational lines; the importance of gratitude; how meditation helps him to "visit heaven every day"; his documentary 'Beyond Me,' the upcoming films 'Beyond Belief' and 'Beyond Reason,' and more.

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