Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual - with Carroll Blair


“The most menacing ailment of the human species is not cancer, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or heart disease, or a multitude of other conditions that endanger its life, but ego, doing the bidding of the lower nature.” – Carroll Blair

Carroll Blair is the author of more than twenty books, including five volumes of poetry. His latest book is Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual, which champions a philosophy of human evolution through spiritual growth. The Sixth Annual National Indie Excellence Awards has recognized Human Natures as a finalist in the category of Philosophy.  Written in poetic vignettes, the book offers thought-provoking insights into challenges that continue to plague humankind – and sheds light on the principles that would enable humanity to move forward.

Topics in this program include: Why we do not progress; animal and spiritual nature; the ego; free will; those in history who have transcended; spirituality defined; excerpts from Blair’s book; greed and stagnation; getting unstuck – as individuals and as corporate bodies; true spirituality; integrity; humility; Caer’s Tip for Your Spiritual Toolbelt; The Saints’ Guide to Relationships series; and more.

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