As a young woman Holly Noonan watched her health dwindle with a chronic illness that dogged her for 7 years and depleted her immune system. She healed herself with food - making herself well in part by  overcoming a decades-old sugar addiction and outgrowing many self-limiting beliefs. A graduate of the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she now helps others as a life coach, a certified Holistic Health Counselor, and a member of the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners.

Topics in this hour include: Her journey from sickness to health over seven years; the different approaches to diet she tried as she traveled around the world; the importance of the choices we make around food; emotional eating issues that can stand in your way, but are not part of your DNA; the important of ancestral foods; each person's unique 'food fingerprint'; the spiritual core of our relationship with food; how food relates to our full potential and authentic self; The Empowerment Institute; Hope's Edge Farm and community supported agriculture; the Godspeed Tip of the Week; and much more.

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