Caer Hallundbaek speaks with Peter Huff, the author of ‘What Are They Saying About Fundamentalisms?’ and a leading authority on global fundamentalism and the anti-modernist impulse in world religions. Currently the Besl Family Chair in Ethics/Religion and Society at Xavier University, he has also been the T. L. James Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Centenary College, where he taught Introduction to Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, World Religions, and Global Fundamentalism. Topics in this informative hour include: fundamentalism as a critical topic in matters of religion, politics, war and violence, even the threat of violence; how he defines Fundamentalism; how it has it grown over the years; some core beliefs / understandings of Fundamentalism; how it takes shape among the world religions; the anti-modernist impulse in world religions; how Fundamentalism works in similar fashion for Christians as well as Muslims and other faiths; misconceptions of Fundamentalism; the Fundamentalist concept of God, and the role of human beings; the future of Fundamentalism; and more.

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