Alex Warden is a Sufi mystic who was born in Argentina and now oversees the Essential Oneness project in Northern California. Its mission is 'to foster a consciousness of the fundamental unity of everything.' Sounds like a daunting task in this seemingly fragmented world - but a spiritual solution is exactly what's needed in our time. Since 1985 Alex has been sharing with groups and individuals the knowing of the infinite unity and relatedness of life through her work in the fields of spirituality, education, dream study, women's wisdom, and energy dynamics. An educator and spiritual counselor, she has recently written about the Occupy movement from the spiritual point of view. Topics in this engaging hour include: a favorite Sufi story; her early life in Argentina; two intense spiritual periods in her life that helped form her; her childhood as a Roman Catholic and discovery and experience of Sufism; her experience of Sufism as a woman; education and children's minds; the ‘New Era’; the Occupy movement; awakening the citizenry, at home and abroad; how Oneness works through these issues; Caer's Tip for your Spiritual Toolbelt; and more. For more information, visit

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