Psychosynthesis is one of the few psychologies today that incorporate a Higher Self as part of the model of the human psyche. Catherine Ann Lombard is a psychosynthesis psychologist, counselor, writer, and teacher specializing in activating the will and bringing meaning to the workplace. A published writer of essays, poetry, and news articles, she teaches academic writing at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.  Her latest book is From Culture Shock to Personal Transformation: Studying Abroad and the Search for Meaning. Topics in this engaging hour include: the events in Lombard’s life that led her on her journey toward psychosynthesis; the outer journey as reflection of inner journey; how do we make meaning of suffering; what psychosynthesis is; the 4 kinds of will and balancing them; relationship; finding meaning in the workplace; the Higher Self; her article ‘Love and Will in a Tea Cup’; compassion as developed through willful choice;  her latest book; culture shock;  inculturation, the personal journey towards authentic self; and more.

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