In a rare, new one-hour interview, Godspeed Institute founder Caer Hallundbaek shares her own vision and spiritual insights on the roles of faith and science in the modern world -- as the featured guest on Philip Mereton’s program Conversations Beyond Religion and Science.

An award-winning author and graduate of New York University, Maryknoll School of Theology and Fordham University, Caer studied cosmology and astronomy as part of her theological education and finds that science informs her faith rather than challenges it.

Topics in this lively and engaging conversation include: Caer’s experience of religion in early life; how the event of Supernova 1987A sparked her fascination with the space sciences; what the death of a star tells us about the nature of life; how the stars are mortal and have created the elements that sustain life through their surrender;  her radical view that death and resurrection (or, surrender to new life) are ‘built in’ to the fabric of this universe; dust to dust; dark matter and energy; the film Contact; how science and scripture can be reconciled; science fiction; how the nature of love requires similar surrender to new life; how resisting this natural flow of change leads to pain and suffering in our world, on an individual and corporate level; and much more.

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