David Paquiot is the author of the award-winning blog My Caravan of Dreams, where he documents his thoughts and reflections while treading the Sufi path. Among other topics, he writes about his experiences as a Roman Catholic entering the mystical practice of Sufism and encountering Islam in its many forms, especially in the back drop of being a New Yorker who lived through 9/11.

Topics in this hour include: his journey, one that explores an age-old mystical path - expressed in the most current medium of blogging on the web; how his blog was noted as a top Muslim blog on 2010; his Roman Catholic roots; the Catholic mystical tradition; how was drawn to the Sufi path while in college; what a 'Dervish' is, and the forms of practice; how 
reading the Quran affected him in a way that left him with a deeper appreciation and reverence for his own faith as a Catholic; 9/11; the human family; religion in the blogosphere; religious tolerance; more.

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