Join Caer for a musical, mystical hour with Ajeet Kaur -- Sikh musician and healer. Learn about Sikhism, her journey and her music... Plus Caer's "Tip for your Spiritual Tool Belt" on the effects of music, body and soul.

Ajeet Kaur grew up in the beautiful mountains and forests of New Hampshire, with parents who were immersed in the Sikh and Roman Catholic traditions. Her parent's deep connection to their spirituality was quickly shared with their daughter. Ajeet’s spiritual interests and path were formed early in life.

Her love of healing through music began at a women's camp in New Mexico that Yogi Bhajan ran each summer.

At the age of eleven she was so deeply moved by the way the music uplifted everyone that she decided there was nothing she would rather do than offer a healing vibration through sound. She turned her attention towards mantras and Shabads (the poems of the Sikh gurus). Ajeet began Kundalini Yoga teacher training with her best friend, when she was sixteen years old.

Today she holds a degree in Holistic Psychology with a focus on Counseling, and is a certified Wellness Coach. Music and yoga have remained central in this process. She holds workshops and has a new CD coming out!

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