An atheist, Siegfried Gold took up prayer out of desperation. Overweight by 110 pounds and depressed, the 45-year-old software designer saw himself drifting from his wife and young son. He joined a 12-step program for food addiction that required — as many 12-step programs do — a recognition of God, or a Higher Power, and a spiritual approach to living.

Four years later, Gold is trim, far happier in his relationships and free of a lifelong ennui. He credits a rigorous prayer routine — morning, night and before each meal — to a vivid goddess that doesn’t exist.  While Gold doesn’t believe there is some supernatural being out there attending to his prayers, he describes himself as nonetheless having had a “conversion” that can be characterized only as a “miracle.”  His life has been mysteriously transformed, he says, by the power of asking.

-This, from an article about Mr. Gold by Michelle Boorstein in the Washington Post. 

He joins Caer today to share about his journey.

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