Jonathan Brent Burgard was born near an air-force base in Mount Holly, NJ. As his father was in the Air Force, he moved often – attending 3 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 3 high schools. With all that movement, he couldn’t really settle down or get very comfortable in any one place.  As a teenager, the need for friendship and attention moved him toward to the arts, and he began acting in high school productions. Theater became his passion and his profession.

At 6’ 6” tall, with a great singing voice and quote “biceps like tree trunks,” Jonathan landed the role of Gaston, the villain in Beauty and the Beast, whom he has played in more than 400 performances across the United States. He has starred in over 30 different productions, working with some of the top names on Broadway, and is currently the face of Slim Goodbody – touring nationally, educating children about good health.

But his is not merely a lonely-kid-makes-good-on-stage story. Jonathan is the author of the new book The Journey to Redemption: An Adventure in Choice & Faith. In this hour he shares with Caer Hallundbaek the spiritual journey of a potentially wayward life changed by faith.

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