A New Way to Be Human, with Robert V. Taylor


Born and raised in South Africa, Rev. Robert V. Taylor saw firsthand the difference that could be made when oppressed people are given the freedom to discover their voices, trust their imaginations, and find the courage to be who they are.

In 1980 Taylor was sent to the United States by his mentor, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to avoid imprisonment for his anti-apartheid activity. Along the way, Taylor found his own voice — and in his book ‘A New Way to Be Human,’ continues to explore integrating personal spirituality and values - driven strategies with the question of how we each leave a footprint of compassion in the world.

Topics in this hour include: the importance of sharing our story and connecting it to others’; his experience of spinal surgery as a teen that led to spiritual breakthrough; the cultural environment in South Africa; becoming a protégé of Desmond Tutu; finding one’s voice; the barriers to our authentic selves; his new book, A New Way to Be Human: 7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully Alive; breaking through enclosures; risky invitations; holy surprises; the ‘Thin Places’ or holiness disguised; the need and importance of tolerance – including religious tolerance; and more.

For more information, visit www.godspeedinstitute.com

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