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Rev. Dr. Susan Stonestreet is pastor of the United Christian Church in Lincolnville, Maine. The parish is affiliated with the United Church of Christ, and all faiths are welcome. This is a 200-year-old parish, an old New England church, crisp and clean and open, with a plaque by the door that reads, "Bidden or not bidden, God is present."

Susan was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1999. She holds a Master of Divinity Degree and a Doctor of Ministry Degree from Bangor Theological Seminary in Bangor, Maine.  She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Studies and a Master of Science Degree in Personnel Counseling from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Topics in this hour include: Susan’s journey from being a Certified Financial Planner with American Express for fifteen years, to a new spiritual life as a pastor; why she was drawn to the United Church of Christ, an affirming, welcoming church; the denomination’s history, time frame and key figures; how “all are invited to the table”; social beliefs and matters of justice specific to UCC; a particular memory from parish life; the role of the church in contemporary culture; what the church offers today's seekers, whether of faith or disbelief; the commitment to tolerance and forgiveness; challenges to the church today, at large, and in the parish; UCC's relationship to other churches and other religions; political and peace efforts; and much more.

For more info visit: www.ucc.org

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