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What is the Way of Blame in the Sufi tradition? It's not likely what you're thinking. Dr. Yannis Toussulis, psychologist, is the author of 'Sufism and the Way of Blame: Hidden Sources of a Sacred Psychology.' He currently serves as director of Itlaq Foundation - a non-denominational religious non-profit dedicated to Sufi Studies.
Dr. Toussulis formerly served as director of the Consciousness Program, Antioch University/West, and taught political psychology at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.
Topics in this engaging hour include: What Sufism is; what the Way of Blame refers to; superfluous blame and guilt as obstacles; the Malamati school of Sufism, dating back to the 9th century; meaning; values; non-duality; the lack of the necessity to adopt a doctrinaire system of fixed beliefs; spiritual maturity; how the image of God changes as we do; obstructions to growth; martyrdom; dialogue; religious tolerance; his work with the last living representative of the Malamati school; the week's tip for your Spiritual Tool Belt; and more.
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