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Wayne Dosick PhD is a rabbi, writer, speaker, spiritual guide and healer, who teaches and counsels about faith and spirit, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness.

He is the author of The Business Bible: 10 New Commandments for Bringing Spirituality & Ethical Values into The Workplace; When Life Hurts: A Personal Journey from Adversity to Renewal; Soul Judaism: Dancing with God into a New Era. His latest book is The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine, explored in this program.

Topics in this lively hour include: Joy;  Dosick’s childhood;  trying to change the world from within the system and abandoning that approach;  RFK and Grant Park in 1968;  his decision to become a rabbi;  mysticism;  Jewish chanting;  Dosick’s books;  Soul Judaism;  the new era of Judaism;  The Real Name of God;  Anochi;  Passover and Easter;  one God, one people; Caer’s Tip for your Spiritual Tool Belt – a reflection on the holidays from Dear Little One; and much more.

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