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Gola Wolfson Richards holds a BA in Human Development Psychology, a Master’s in Theology / Philosophy and Psychology of Change in The Book of Changes. His career in Human Development spans more than four decades.

He has lectured on ContemplativeEducation for Global Conflict-Resolution for Dartmouth College's NovelaSymposium, Duke University Graduate School for Environmental Engineering, TheUniversity of Maine's first International Peace Conference, the C.G. JungSociety at Bowdoin College, Education for Peace at the University of Montana inMissoula, and has participated as the Maine faculty of "Religion and theChallenge of America."

Wolf hosts the "Speaking for Virtue" radio broadcast from theUniversity of Southern Maine, featuring early 20th century poetry and prose byauthors such as Frank Crane and Edgar Guest.

In this engaging hour, Wolf joins Caer to talk about consciousness,change, sage qualities and character, his organization Broadcast Wisdom, andmuch more.

For more information, visit www.godspeedinstitute.com

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