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Caer Hallundbaek speaks with minister, author and naturalist Rob McCall, who was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota, grew up in Oregon and Illinois, and since 1986 has been the minister of the First Congregational Church of Blue Hill, Maine -- where the local geography took hold in his heart and his work. Since 1992 he has hosted and produced the weekly Awanadjo Almanack, a popular radio broadcast in Maine which can also be heard on the web anytime at weru.org. This program is “a collection of natural and unnatural events, rank opinion and wild speculation, devoted to feeling at home in nature and breaking down the wall of hostility between us and the rest of creation.” Topics in this hour include: What Awanadjo means, and what inspired the radio segment; what he means by "the wall of hostility" between us and the rest of creation; how immigrants and settlers often relied on only two books - the Bible and the almanac; what of ‘dominion’ in the Bible; the values that drive good dominion (stewardship) and bad dominion (plunder); how McCall often comments on politics, by way of observations of nature – how nature is designed, how it is compromised, how it suffers – pulling these thoughts together into a bird’s eye view of Afghanistan, or hungry children, or Wall Street mayhem; compassion, humility and forgiveness; tolerance; his book Small Misty Mountain, published in 2006, and current book Great Speckled Bird; more.

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