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Benedictine spirituality began in the 4th Century, is known for its hospitality - and it is a tradition that remains strong today.  Joiin Caer as she speaks with Sr. Ellen Stephen of the Order of St Helena, a community of Benedictine sisters in the Episcopal tradition, from her 50 years of "welcoming the stranger." Caer also shares from her new book, Inspired Relationships: 7 Saints' Real-Life Lessons on How to Live, Love and Work.

Topics in this engaging hour include St. Benedict, founder of western monasticism; St. Helena; saints. Francis and Clare of Assisi; balanced spirituality; ordained women in the Episcopal church; spiritual direction; the diversity of the sisters; the order's history; silence; the role of the monk; and much more.

For more information, visit the Godspeed Institute and the Order of St. Helena.

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