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Caer Hallundbaek speaks with Jason Gregory, spiritual explorer and Australian author of the acclaimed book Way of the Weirdo. According to Gregory humanity has arrived at a moment when we need to make a choice: either to maintain our perilous course with the destruction of our world and ourselves - or to choose the alternative, which is not another system, but a journey to explore who we truly are.


Topics in this hour include: the title of his book, Way of the Weirdo - who is the weirdo, and how we become the weirdo; our current circumstances, and the spiritual path; how technology has evolved but not the human psyche; how the darker side of our psyche has been expressed externally rather than explored internally; war; healing; who we truly are; the role and effect of money; religions; categories that separate us; how separation is violence to a whole consciousness; Jesus, Krishna, Buddha; how the modern day translucent or Weirdo is going through their own resurrection; more.

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