Caer Hallundbaek speaks with Hugh Page, Jr., an Episcopal priest and Dean of the First Year of Studies at the University of Notre Dame, where he is Associate Professor of
Theology and Africana Studies. Among other works, his publications include
'Waves, Clouds, and Flames — Impressions from Journeys Past and Present,'
'Exodus,' and a groundbreaking collection of essays, 'The Africana Bible.'

Topics in this hour include: The Africana Bible, which features a critical
commentary of each book of the Hebrew Bible; how The Africana Bible come
together and what inspired it; the needs it addresses, academically,
culturally, spiritually; how exploring the foundations and moral
implications of the spirituality of the peoples of Africa, on the
continent and in the worldwide Diaspora, is "both timely and vital;"
particular perspectives or passages from the book's essays that
demonstrate how they affect, restore or galvanize our understanding of the
Hebrew Bible; what The Africana Bible offers in terms of meaning, in
today's society; African American spirituality; Christianity in the U.S.
in light of the African diaspora; where are we? Where are we going? What 
is 'home?'

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