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Poet, author and publisher, Dina Ripsman Eylon has a Ph.D. in Post-biblical Hebrew Language and Literature from the University of Toronto. She is the author of 'Reincarnation in Jewish Mysticism and Gnostism,' and examines the development of the concept of reincarnation in the first kabbalistic work that deals with the topic, the late-12th-century Sefer ha-Bahir (The Book of Clarity).

Topics in this hour include: Jewish Mysticism - its beginnings and texts; what it offers and how it is experienced in Judaism; how the mystical tradition in Judaism is explored on a one-on-one basis and as part of general practice; how the soul makes a journey; her book, Reincarnation in Jewish Mysticism and Gnosticism; how this reincarnation differs from Buddhist reincarnation in that it is generational; how, according to the Book of Clarity, Israel's generations shall reincarnate and improve spiritually through good deeds toward others; how the soul has three elements in kabbalistic philosophy; the role of compassion and kindness; more.

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