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Join Caer in this inspiring conversation with psychiatrist Anthony Stern MD, author of “Everything Starts from Prayer: Mother Teresa’s Meditations on Spiritual Life for People of All Faiths.”

Dr. Stern attended Harvard College and Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  He has worked in a variety of settings as a community psychiatrist, currently at a Montefiore primary care clinic in the Bronx near Yankee Stadium. He has written and given talks about the interface between religion and psychology over the last twenty years.

Topics in this hour include: Stern’s experience of spirituality at age 8; how he was drawn to prayer as an adult; the external and internal effects of prayer;  his book on Mother Teresa and her guidance on prayer; Teresa’s experiences of doubt; the value and role of doubt; silence; the role of faith in his work as a psychiatrist; hope; spiritual poverty in the West; materialism; Mother Teresa’s interfaith, or universal, approach to prayer; a poem by the young poet who would become John Paul II; Caer’s Tip for Your Spiritual Toolbelt; and more.

For more information, visit www.godspeedinstitute.com

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