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Charles Thomas Jr. is the author of the book ‘Scars, Exile, and Vindication: My Life as an Experiment,’ newly published by Tate Publishing. It tells the autobiographical story of a young man born and raised in Flint, Michigan whose journey led him from devastation to inspiration.

In his words, “Scars remind us that the past is real and give us motivation to move forward into the future with an attitude of optimism and a promise of better days to come.”

Topics in this hour include: Flint, Michigan and the 1989 film ‘Roger & Me,’ by Michael Moore; some of Thomas’ experiences of fear and violence growing up in Flint; the effect of these experiences; the critical role of a supportive family; the role of adversity in life; education; failures and scars in a culture of material achievement and awards, and what they hold for us; fear; the spiritual aspect of his journey; faith; Caer’s Tip for your Spiritual Toolkit; and more.

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